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  • Jessica Abreu

    Jessica Abreu

  • Svetlana Levitan

    Svetlana Levitan

    Soon to be open for new opportunities. Analytics software engineer and technical lead for many years. Meetup organizer, conference presenter, inventor, mentor.

  • Hussain Atwadi

    Hussain Atwadi

  • Elisa Specchia

    Elisa Specchia

  • Joshua Gane

    Joshua Gane

    Josh writes for RapTV. He has a BA in philosophy from UNC and a MA in English for NC State.

  • Daniela Canuta dos Santos

    Daniela Canuta dos Santos

    Data Scientist at Olivia AI/ B.Sc. Computer Science- University of São Paulo/ Specialization in Big Data -University of São Paulo

  • xDeveloper


    Data scientist​, whom always seeking new and challenging opportunities. Deep learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Consciousness, Empathy, miracle worker

  • Zach Nabavian

    Zach Nabavian

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