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  • Tony Roberts

    Tony Roberts

    Professional software developer living and working in London. Creator of the Excel add-ins PyXLL and Jinx.

  • Yang Zhou

    Yang Zhou

    Software Engineer | Investor | Entrepreneur yangzhou1993.medium.com/follow

  • Sayar Banerjee

    Sayar Banerjee

    Data Scientist @Indihood | Amateur crypto investor | UIUC Alumnus

  • Charudatta Manwatkar

    Charudatta Manwatkar

    Physics graduate. Data Scientist. Nerd. जे जे आपणासी ठावे। ते ते इतरांसी सांगावे।

  • Khuyen Tran

    Khuyen Tran

    Data scientist. I share a little bit of goodness every day through daily data science tips: https://mathdatasimplified.com

  • Terence Shin

    Terence Shin

    Data Scientist @ KOHO | Top 1000 Writer on Medium | MSc, MBA | https://terenceshin.com/

  • Benjamin Lau

    Benjamin Lau

    Passionate about the changing healthcare landscape in Singapore and hope to be at the forefront of these changes.

  • Ahmad Abdullah

    Ahmad Abdullah

    I observe and put my thoughts into words. Machine learning enthusiast. Currently pursuing MS Data Science.

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